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All our air conditioning packages come with an indoor and outdoor unit, which is everything you need to have Air conditioning installed

As experts in air-conditioning, we are able to recommend a variety of different systems, tailored to your needs as an individual or a business.

Indoor Unit

Indoor Unit Thermacool

These units are placed in a high-level position that can supply the room with an even air flow. They are nice and quiet, so they won’t interrupt your sleep, or favourite Netflix show.

Outdoor Unit

Outdoor Unit Thermacool

These units remove the heat from your indoor unit, and release it outside. You can have your outdoor unit fitted on an outside wall, on a roof or balcony, or on the floor on your land (e.g. garden).

A burst pipe can cause severe damage to your home. It could affect the foundations and damage the electrical wiring. It is imperative to take action as soon as a burst pipe is discovered.

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Thermacool Ltd. is a privately-owned air conditioning instaaltion company based in Surrey.

We have a highly skilled, experienced team and an impressive track record for air-conditioning services. We work to the highest standards and take pride in the work we do!

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