Local Authority

Thermacool have an extensive history working with local authorities, starting from the year we started trading.

We offer a wide range of fully comprehensive services, all competitively priced, including:

  • Servicing and maintenance contracts
  • Reactive installations
  • Planned installations
  • Commercial servicing and maintenance
  • Commercial installations
  • Renewables contracts, including green heat pumps and solar thermal

Over the years we have built up solid relationships with our suppliers, securing long term contracts. We work with a number of leading brands and manufacturers, who recommend us thanks to our strong reputation.

Thermacool is one of the most reliable providers of heating services within the social housing sector, with the unique ability to adapt to all client requirements, supported by our experienced team of 6 engineers and office staff.

The long service of our engineers and staff allows us to offer honest, fast, consistent and reliable service. We have built up an extensive track record, installing and maintaining social housing plumbing and heating to the highest standards.

We always put our customers first and go out of our way to ensure 100% satisfaction. We offer a friendly, expert service often hard to find with some of the bigger heating providers.

For more information on the social housing services we offer please contact 07454291235 or email [email protected]