Thermacool offer a variety of pipework repairs and replacement techniques

Using excavation and no-dig techniques, our highly skilled, experienced and qualified engineers can handle any of our customer’s drainage repair issues. Be it a small patch repair to stop root ingress, a complete replacement of a drainage system, or a re-form and line of deteriorating pitch fibre.

Pipework Repairs & Solutions

The engineers at Thermacool can excavate by hand or machine and undertake any repairs needed. There are a number are a great way of repairing pipes without the hassle and disruption of digging them up.

Broken pipes, pipework repairs and replacement

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Thermacool Ltd. is a privately-owned and run plumbing company based in Surrey.

We have a highly skilled, experienced team and an impressive track record for plumbing, heating and air-conditioning services. We work to the highest standards and take pride in the work we do!

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