Boiler Installation and Relocation

Sector: Domestic | Location: Putney, London | Project value: £20k   

Boiler installation and relocation on 8,000 sqft property

Proud house renovations Ltd appointed us remove the existing boilers and replace them with a new efficient setup.

De-commission existing boilers, power flush system and install new boilers and controls in a new location, which was not joined to the main building. The existing setup did not have temperature control over the two hot water tanks so we would have to install the necessary controls for this to operate safely. Install water softener. Install new garden toilet and external tap.



Moving the location of the boilers posed a challenge because we had to put the pipes and cabling underground. We researched for a relevant product and found a Pre-insulated ducted pipe, which would not lose any heat when underground, and were also waterproof to prevent any form of corrosion. The existing setup was highly inefficient and understandably the customer wanted to reduce his gas bills, also there was no independent temperature control for the hot water cylinders. We opted for a Valliant weather compensated setup that would allow us to control the two existing heating zones, add two hot water zones and be as efficient as possible.

We installed the boilers in the new location and tested all the pipework and controls to sure it was working for a smooth changeover. This meant there was only half a days down time on the heating and hot water for the client.

A Great water pro series 1400 water softener was also installed along with the new gardeners external WC.


The client was impressed with our high level of workmanship an his new efficient heating system.

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